Dynamo Flicks Laundry Sheets (20-count)

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New Dynamo Flicks are laundry detergent in a lightweight sheet! Freshen up laundry day, forget the mess, and lighten the load with new Dynamo Flicks Concentrated Laundry Detergent, now in a convenient sheet format! A revolutionary laundry solution for people who are tired of lugging bottles and boxes and want to make space in the laundry room, new Dynamo Flicks are the smartest new way to do laundry. Lightweight and easy to store, Flicks are great for apartments, dorm rooms, and making space in the laundry room. They’re also ideal for carry-on bag plane travel since there’s no liquids or powders. Pods and packs can also leak or burst but with sheets your travel stays neat! Pods only come in one size but Dynamo Flicks can be measured just by tearing a sheet to create the perfect detergent dose for any size load.

With the legendary cleaning power of Dynamo, the concentrated formula removes tough stains and leaves your laundry bright and fresh and your washing machine with no residue or harsh chemicals.

1 strip = 1 load or 2 strips for a larger or heavily soiled load. Also great for hand-washing in a sink. Earth’s most convenient laundry detergent!

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Dimensions 7 × 6.5 × 3.5 in



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